Why SEO?

Phonebooks are Dead

When was the last time you looked in a phonebook to find a product or service? These days most people go online to search for the things they need. We help them find you.


Over half of all online search queries occur on mobile devices. Having a site that is mobile friendly will perform well on search engines like Google. Is your site mobile friendly?

Long Term Value

What is the long term value of each customer or client you gain? Let us show you how SEO has the highest return of investment of any marketing strategy.

Targeted Traffic

SEO sends traffic to your site from people who are actively searching for the services or products you provide. Mass broadcasts like radio, TV or flyers have limited or no audience targeting.

Where does the traffic go?

When it comes to search engine traffic, all things are not equal. Pay Per Click adverts are a great start, but only receive approximately 10% of all clicks from a search query, and that is spread across all adverts on the first page! 10% of people will click through to the second page but a whopping 80% of traffic click one of the organic results on the first page and we can get you there.

  • First Page 80%
  • Adverts 10%
  • Other Pages 10%



Are you wondering if SEO is right for your business? Ask us to take a look free of charge and see what SEO can do for you!


Finding the keywords that target your ideal audience drives valuable traffic to your site. This is the core of what we do. No more guess work, we find the keywords that potential clients and customers are looking for.


Social media marketing comes hand in hand with SEO. Optimised social media profiles boost your SEO performance and provide another stream of valuable traffic.


Having the right information in the right place is the foundation of good SEO. Not having your site optimised for SEO is going to make progress slow or almost impossible.


Links pointing back to your site is a huge indicator to search engines that your site is an authority in your field. Let us build these links in the right place to make your site stand out amongst the masses.


With beautiful interactive reports, you can see how your website is performing on search engines. Watch your site climb through the ranks as your campaign progresses.

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Simply because our quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.


Premium Quality Service

We are committed to providing a quality service to our clients


No Contracts

We only charge you a month at a time. If you’re not happy with our work why would you want to stick around? You’re free change your mind at any time!


Proven Results

Our track record says it all.

Plans and Pricing


We don’t believe in set rates for SEO. We know that your business is unique to other businesses competing in the same sector. Therefore, we don’t charge flat rates because our work is tailored to your specific needs. Our packages have a price range which is based upon the typical competition we come across. If the competition is easy, or you already have a head start, we know we will have less work to do which keeps our costs low, and yours!

So how much will my SEO campaign cost? Below we have listed a guide of what to expect. This guide is fairly accurate of what to expect, although occasionally a business which is described in a lower pay range will actually require a higher rate based on fierce competition, even in a localised setting. E.g. plastic surgeons.

Local Business

  • This price range is estimated by comparing the competition between businesses in small towns or suburbs of large cities.
  • E.g. A roofer who works mainly in the North Shore of Auckland City or a chiropractor serving clients in Bloomington, Illinois.
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Regional Player

  • This price range is what businesses can expect if they are targeting larger regions or cities.
  • E.g. A painting business with several employees looking to target the Auckland region.
  • Or HVAC for the city of Chicago.
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Global Domination

$ 5000 - up /month
  • Are you planning on taking the world by storm?
  • This level of SEO is ideal for those big players investing in large E-commerce stores.
  • With your market insights and our SEO powers combined the possibilities are endless.
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All our packages a full service. We provide the same in-depth reporting and customer service to small owner operator businesses as we do to larger corporations. We leave no special treatment or tricks for the higher paying clients. Our strategies are proven and we want to give the same opportunity to all our valued clients. Below is a list of the types of services you will receive in your SEO campaign.


Keyword & competition analysis


Onsite Optimisation


Content creation


Website penalty check & comprehensive audit


Premium Link strategy


Monthly ranking reports


Google My Business Page creation


Map Pack Optimisation


Optimised social account creation

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